Akustikdoktorn Sweden AB was founded 2019 by Dr. Ulf Orrenius with the idea to offer high quality consulting services in the field of Acoustics and Vibration. The underlying thinking is to support companies and organisations in product development and planning to reduce risks with noise and vibration. But we also support with trouble shooting and solutions if acoustics concerns have turned into a problem. Additionally, we can offer environmental noise analysis and solutions, partly through a collaboration with AkustiX, Poland, with strong competence and a solid reference list in environmental noise predictions.

Our customers are municipals and infra-structure companies as well as OEMs and sub-suppliers in the automotive and rail-vehicle industries, but we also support companies in other fields for which acoustics is key to market acceptance, like ventilation and heating systems.

Dr. Orrenius wrote his thesis about structural sound transmission in ship's structures and has since then developed a unique competence with more than 25 years in the field. After his thesis he worked at the global AcV competence center at Bombardier Transportation with applied research and acoustic design support for rail-vehicles and aircraft. In addition, he has supported companies with expert guidance in a wide range of product segments: aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, ventilation and heating systems, gear boxes, flooring systems, antennas etc.

His vast experience ranges from acoustic planning for new buildings as well as in product development projects and management of research projects to more hands-on tasks like room acoustic analysis and design, development of silent electric motors and HVAC systems, effective machinery suspensions as well as light weight air-craft fuselage sound packages. He also has a long experience as a teacher and supervisor for engineering students on masters and doctoral level.