Projects beräkningar

Beräkningar av intern och externbuller för höghastighetståg

Akustikdoktorn Sweden AB has been contracted by IKOS Germany to create prediction models for a high-speed train, with Alstom Germany as the end customer.

Exterior noise model is developed to calculate acoustic emissions according to ISO 3095 standard at full speed, at acceleration and at standstill. The models developed can be modified to include other speeds and loading conditions. The software used is Train Noise Expert developed by ISVR Consulting and based on the long-time research regarding rail vehicle sources at the ISVR with input from the EU funded Acoutrain project, with technical coordinators Estelle Bongini SNCF and Ulf Orrenius, Bombardier Transportation.

Interior noise models are made using the software VA1 to calculate sound levels according to the ISO 3381 standards at maximum speed in a free field and in tunnels, and also at standstill conditions. 

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