Low track-side and standard noise barriers Ensta Station, Stockholm
Coupled FE-SEA model for roof analysis Orrenius, U. and Kunkell, H. “Sound Transmission through a High-Speed Train Roof”, Proc. ICSV 2011

Railway noise

We know railway: With 18 years experience from Bombardier Transportation Global Centre of Competence for Acoustics and Vibration, Akustikdoktorn Sweden has the experience and skills to analyse your  needs and design effective solutions.

Infrastructure: We work out the most effective noise control scheme with respect to cost and other constraints; including barriers, grinding as well as rail- and wheel damping measures. We also measure and assess ground vibrations and design a balanced combination of isolation measures to be applied in the ground as well as in building structures.

Railcar design:  We help specify and acoustically optimize challenging sources like diesel engines, electric motors, compressors and HVAC systems as well as aero-acoustic sources. We support with defining and optimizing light-weight and space effective noise control solutions for carbodies, such as damping layers and absorbing materials. We can model and design for low electric motor noise as well as predict transmission of carbody structures.