August 2020 : Tuned Vibration Absorber (TVA) for rail carbody

Mr. Taran Singh Thukral, studying Mechanical Engineering at the Indian national Institute of Technology in Delhi, has completed his internship at Akustikdoktorn Sweden 2020. His task was to analyse the effect of tuned vibration absorbers (TVAs) on railway carbodies to improve passenger ride comfort, a task he undertook with great enthusiasm and skill.

Tarans work has shown that tuning the suspension parameters of e.g. Diesel engines, is potentially an effective method of reducing carbody vibrations and improving passenger comfort. For a TVA with damping ratio corresponding to 5%, the fundamental vertical resonance peak was predicted to be  reduced by 63%, indicating a potential for major improvement of the vibrational ride comfort.

Taran is now working on completing his studies in Delhi. We hope to see him back at Akustikdoktorn in the future.