Novum Life Science Center

Akustikdoktorn is proud to announce that we have won the contract to do the acoustics work for the upgrading of NOVUMs ventilation, heating, and cooling system. The system is extensive and delivers comfort ventilation, indoor climate as well as special cooling needs to the tenants

The Novum building from 1990 contains 39 000 m2 of research and development labs as well as specialist care units. In the building advanced medical and biotech research is conducted, e.g. cancer research with needs for extremely low-temperature cooling facilities for storage of biological materials.

The NOVUM Robustness project aims at improving the building with respect to energy consumption and comfort as well as to ensure future performance of the technical systems, e.g. the control systems.

Akustikdoktorn has taken on responsibility for the acoustical performance of the new fans and cooling systems to be installed, assuring that the resulting acoustical environment will be according to expectations and that stipulated sound levels in offices and labs are met.

In the project we do both experimental and theoretical analysis of air and structure-borne transmission as well as simulations and measurements of sound transmission in the ventilation channels. The extensive experience by Akustikdoktorn of ventilation and cooling systems in aircraft and trains, is here of great value to the project.