Novum Life Science Center: The Heart

Akustikdoktorn Sweden is honored and proud to have been commissioned with the acoustic work for Nya Novum. The client is Hemsö Fastigheter AB  with Tengbom being the architect responsible for the design.

The work includes acoustic design of the new Hjärtat extension, which with its light wooden frame and beautiful but reflective wooden surfaces in the ceiling and walls requires a well-thought-out plan and well-balanced technical solutions in terms of sound insulation and room acoustic design. In addition, the extension includes two generous and acoustically exciting light yards to provide daylight conditions for the office workers and a new auditorium with 180 seats in two levels.

The Novum building with approximately 40,000 square meters of office and lab space is in Flemingsberg, Stockholm's southern university campus, an innovation Centre with an interdisciplinary range of research and higher education in a dynamic environment where knowledge and creativity meet.

The Nya Novum project adds a modern extension to the building with approximately 10,000 square meters of office and business space. On the ground floor, meeting areas and service spaces are created. A creative environment that attracts innovations through the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. At the top of the building lingers an exclusive, retracted Kungsvåning with terraces in all directions offering a stunning view of southern Stockholm. The Nya Novum is built with a wooden frame. It is also wood that dominates the building's interior environment.

The first part of the project, a complete technical refurbishment of the existing building, will start in the summer of 2021. New construction of the center part of the house will start in 2022. The inauguration of the new Novum can take place no earlier than 2024.