APIS:  Acoustics and annoyance of future aviation- Simulation Platform and Implementation System

The overall purpose of the APIS project ( bee in Latin ) is to provide knowledge, guidance and recommendations with respect to noise and annoyance to central stakeholders to facilitate implementation of drones (UAVs), and other future air vehicle services, in a sustainable manner.

 The 2-year multidicipinary  project  is coordinated by Akustikdoktorn Sweden jointly with INDEK KTH and is  funded by Trafikverket via  the Center for Sustainable Aviation hosted by KTH. Within APIS, several partners with complementary skills (KTH INDEK, KTH MWL, Akustikdoktorn Sweden, Aurskall Akustik and The Independent Business Group (IBG) ) work together to develop a prediction tool and evaluate  scenarios for UAV noise impact.