Antiphon AB

  • Analysis of noise control solutions for electric drives in cars and identification of areas for product development.
  • Technical sales support
  • Market survey and support regarding methods for materials testing
  • Training of Antiphon personnel

"Antiphon has much benefited from the support from Ulf, both as a teacher at internal acoustics training courses and when we need expert advice with technical customers support questions. His expertise and experience has been of great value at different consultations, both for our product development and for our laboratory work and is highly recommended" 

Berit Andersson, CEO Antiphon AB.

Greenest Form AB

Akustikdoktorn has carried out measurements and simulations of new noise screen designs. Seven different screen designs were evaluated. The measurements were made according to EN1793-5 and EN1793-6 respectively, together with our highly qualified partner Akustix Sp z o. oSimulations were made using Alpha Cell.

The project aimed at developing acoustically effective solutions meeting the customer´s demanding requirements regarding sound absorption and insulation and to qualify the screens acoustically. "During 2020-2021 we have engaged Akustikdoktorn Sweden AB for acoustical measurements according to EU standard regarding sound absorption and insulation for our noise screens for the Kungens Kurva project south of Stockholm with Skanska/Trafikverket as customer. The work was carried out fast and professionally and Ulf showed to be very knowledgeable in the field and also capable to explain the results for non-specialists. 

We will continue our collaboration with Akustikdoktorn Sweden AB and can warmly recommend Ulf for acoustical investigations and measurement campaigns".

Anders Lindgren, CEO Greenest Form AB.

Alstom Germany

Modelling of high-speed train

  • External noise using Train Noise Expert (ISVR)
  • Internlal noise using VA1 (ESI)

Autoform i Malung AB

  • Gave a general Acoustic and Vibration training for Autoform personnel
  • Utbildning av Autoforms personal vad gäller buller och vibrationer

Ensy AB

Consulting task: Leading and coordination of the management team, coordination of sales activities and technical development work, project and patent management, applications for grants, general planning and documentation.

Said about Dr. Orrenius

” Ulf is one of the most inspiring persons I’ve ever worked with. Cooperation with Ulf enhances your own performance and presents a good environment for new ideas and solutions.”

 Martin Almgren, Head of Acoustics department at Tyréns 


”During many years in Aero- and Thermodynamics as a colleague at Bombardier Transportation, I have on several occasions worked with Ulf and got to know him on a personal level. In my experience Ulf is a very knowledgeable acoustician, inquisitive and open minded, with a strong personal drive to develop, improve and implement. You will be happy to have Ulf in your team or project.”, 

  Mikael Sima, Founder CEO and Senior consultant at MSiCo AB

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