The novel Ostlänken railway line: Measurements of façade insulation

Akustikdoktorn Sweden has measured façade insulation for 23 buildings in the area around Nyköping using a speaker method according to SS-EN ISO 16283-3:2016. The work was commissioned by COWI with the aim to complement the existing noise mapping for a good decision-making basis for the noise abatement measures for the residents around the new line. The planned measures will be based on the guidelines of the Swedish Transport Administration regarding acoustic living environment.  

The Swedish Transport Administration is planning a new double-track railway of a total of 160 km between Järna in Södermanland and Linköping in Östergötland. The track is scheduled to be ready for traffic in 2035 and the new journey time between Järna and Linköping is expected to be only 42 minutes without stop. The new line will provide a welcome strengthening of the railway's capacity, contributing to shorter journey times, sustainable transport, and increased punctuality.

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