Noise screens for Trafikverket

Trafikverket is constructing noise screens along the E4 motorway in the traffic area around Kungens Kurva, south of Stockholm. Skanska is in charge of the project and GreeNest form AB supplies the screens in collaboration with production specialists from Malmö Arena.

The project aims at developing acoustically effective solutions meeting the requirements from the customer regarding sound absorption as well as sound insulation and also to qualify the screens regarding their acoustical properties. Akustikdoktorn has carried out measurements as well as simulations using the software AlphaCell.

Seven different screen designs were evaluated. The measurements in Malmö were made according to EN1793-5 and EN1793-6 respectively together with our highly qualified partner Akustix Sp z o. oThe method is based on pulse excitation and enables measuring in environments with relatively high background levels as well as in environments with a certain reverberation, in this case inside the exhibition center, as reflected waves can be eliminating by using a temporal weighting filter on the time signal Adríenne-window .

Alfacell is an advanced simulation tool from Matelys for acoustic and thermal analysis of panels including fibrous and porous materials.

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