Calculated sound and vibration levels in  rail vehicle interior


In modern product development time to market is key. Well set-up simulation schemes can provide design guidance before prototypes are available. Akustikdoktorn has expert experience from virtual CAE tools such as Finite Element (FE), Statistical Energy Analys (SEA) as well as RayTracing and Transfer matrix methods (TMM). Dr. Orrenius lectures in energy methods and general noise control at University of Genua and has long experience using simulation tools, e.g for optimization of noise control measures with comparative studies of different designs.

Akustikdoktorn has access to state-of-the-art CAE calculation tools using e.g. coupled SEA-FEM for transmission in vehicle structures including structure-borne sound, as well as TMM tools for assessing complex partitions such as aircraft fuselage structures, building structures and noise barriers. We also have software for sound propagation in channels and silencer systems. Through our partnership with Akustix, we can also offer qualified analyses of community noise with SoundPLAN.

In-situ sound reduction testing of rail-car floor

Pass-by noise tests for EU project Acoutrain

"When you can measure you know" (Lord Kelvin)

The solution to noise problems can be simple, say, a cooling fan can be run at a lower speed. But to take cost-effective measures, often source characteristics and complex transmission paths need to be clarified. A balanced combination of testing and simulation is typically needed.

Akustikdoktorn has the experience and the theoretical understanding to tailor adequate analysis schemes.

Sound transmission through partitions and source strength assessment is measured following ISO standards. But to understand which control measures are most appropriate, or how weight best can be reduced, more advanced techniques comes handy like intensity scanning or experimental transfer path analysis. Akustikdoktorn can support with such tests combined with independent recommendation of solutions.  

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