Acoustic branding - the sound of silence

Does the sound of your product match its soul? Are annoying tonal components well masked behind a soft broadband swoosh sound, possibly from the ventilation system?

The sound of your product should match and harmonize with its use. Low noise levels combined with a well-designed acoustic signature, signals quality and even elegance and luxury. For many products, acoustic design is key for customer acceptance in addition to just being on the right side of the limit values defined by the relevant ISO or IEEE standard. To keep the idea of quality over the years, squeak and rattling sounds should not develop. Maintenance programs shall account for your product’s acoustic quality.

Akustikdoktorn Sweden has experience with securing acoustic quality of complex products. We can help you setting quality standards by tailoring your product’s acoustic profile and when applicable, explain and illustrate the noise control effect that your product offers. We can also support with your acoustic branding as well as the technical presentation on your website.

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